Tamosin is used for palliative treatment of oestrogen dependent breast cancer. It contains tamoxifen citrate which inhibits the action of oestrogen. TAMOSIN contains the active ingredient tamoxifen (as tamoxifen citrate). Tamoxifen is an anti-oestrogen medicine and is used to counteract the actions of the. PBS Schedule search for "tamosin". Did you mean? Brand Name [ Lamisil, Lanoxin, Tamosin, Tamsil ] Drug Name [ Prazosin ]. The Baby Manual. Meditation Technique - Intermediate - Module 2. For most patients already diagnosed with breast cancer, the benefits of tamoxifen outweigh its risks. DIY baby hand and feet moulds. Thank you for sharing Tamodin content. Please check and try Taomsin Please enter recipient's email Recipient's email is invalid. Some medicines need to be tapered or cannot be stopped immediately because of rebound effects. All rights reserved. Consult your doctor if you observe any of the following side-effects, especially if they do not go away. Generic Name: Tamoxifen citrate Product Name: Tamosin Indication Tamoxifen is used in the palliative treatment of breast cancer that has been shown to express oestrogen receptors. Unusual vaginal bleeding should be immediately reported to your doctor. Skip to Content. Serious, life-threatening, and fatal events from use of tamoxifen include uterine malignancies, stroke, and pulmonary embolism. Cite this page Page URL. Tamosin Tablet Side-effects The following is a list of possible side-effects that may occur from all constituting ingredients of Tamosin Tablet. If you have a chronic illness that requires taking medicine constantly such as heart condition, seizures, and life-threatening allergies, you are much safer keeping in touch with your primary health care provider so that you can have a fresh supply of unexpired medications. Peter Radcliffe. Tamosin

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