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Short courses of dexamethasone usually are well tolerated with few and mild side effects. Metabolism and nutrition disorders Sodium retention with oedema, increased potassium excretion risk of arrhythmiasweight gain, reduced glucose tolerance, diabetes mellitus, Respazit and hypertriglyceridemia, increased appetite. Dexametasona Dorf. Slowly press the actuator button until an audible click is noted. In each of the phase III studies and the pooled analysis, mean retinal thickness was significantly less, and the mean reduction from baseline was significantly greater, with OZURDEX Vasotec should not be used in newborns; safety and effectiveness in these children have not been confirmed. The initial dose should be adjusted according to the response to therapy. Paediatric patients The safety and efficacy of this product has not been established in children below 2 years of age. Netherlands Antilles. Nexadron

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