Oradexon, Dexaltin, Merind, Depodexafon, Dexaminor, Ozurdex, Decadronal, Indexon, Dexafrin, Dexol 5, Hexadecadrol, Diuredem, Hexadreson, Mesadoron. c Hexadreson, Intervet, Unterschleißheim, Germany d Prednisolon, 2 mg, GALENpharma GmbH, Kiel, Germany e Prednisolon, 5 mg, CP-Pharma, Burgdorf​. Pferd, Rind, Schwein; Handelsform: 50 ml. Zurück. Hexadreson. Selectavet. Copyright Selectavet Dr. Otto Fischer GmbH – Impressum – Datenschutz. Patient at high risk of TLS, such as Hexadreson with high proliferative Hexadrfson, high tumour burden, and high sensitivity to cytotoxic agents, should be monitored closely and Hexadreskn precaution taken. The following undesirable effects may occur; they are highly dependent on the dose and duration of treatment, so their frequency cannot be specified:. During long-term therapy with Hexadreson Krka, regular medical checkups including ophthalmologic every three months are indicated. Not known: intraocular pressure increased, visual acuity reduced, corneal erosion, eyelid ptosis, eye pain, mydriasis. There is currently no experience of the efficacy or safety of repeat administrations in DME beyond 7 implants.

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